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HardCopy 3


1:2 Portable Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator

Now with MD5, SHA256 and an integrated IDE port. The HardCopy 3P has been refined and redesigned to meet the ever-growing needs of progressive and committed forensic investigators.

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HardCopy 3P

HardCopy 3P


SKU: D5220

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Free-Up Your Schedule . . . and Cut Down Imaging Time
Rely on the Fastest HDD Imager with Dual Output, & Quick, Accurate Verify
Forensically duplicates HDD ’s faster than ever - up to 6 GB/min with hashing.

Ease Your Workload . . . and Cut Down Operations Training
Take Advantage of LCD Instructions & 3-Button Interface Operations
Two-line LCD provides simple-to-follow instructions and status information. Minimal training is required; so easy to operate, some users never even open the manual. VOOM’s acclaimed 3-button interface makes operations straightforward and effortless.

Save Money . . . and Cut Down Costs
Ensure the Best Performance on the Market for Less Cost
Forensically image, clone, & wipe at up to 7.5 GB/min for far less cost than competitors. Now with 2-drive output/wipe!

Amplify Your Performance . . . and Work Smarter
Don’t Let the Constraints of Inferior Imagers Affect Your Work
HardCopy 3P is the cutting-edge, portable forensic HDD duplicator and is based on proven technology. Why let the limits of substandard devices impair your investigations?

HardCopy 3PPhysical Features

  • SATA Ports
    1 source port with built-in hardware write blocker
    2 destination ports
  • IDE Port
    1 source port with built-in hardware write blocker
  • Verification (Implemented in Hardware)
    MD5 and SHA256 (switchable)
    32 bit CRC (chunked image only)
    16 bit CRC (clone and image)
  • 2-Line LCD
    Provides concise operating instructions and status information
  • 3-Button Interface
    Makes sophisticated operations straightforward and effortless
  • Real-Time Clock
    Automatic and accurate; included for image annotation
  • Field Upgradable
    Allows newly developed features to be added quickly and with ease
  • Physical Characteristics
    Height: 1.5”
    Width: 5.5”
    Depth: 4”
    Weight: Less than 1 lb. (not including power supply)

HardCopy 3P Benefits

  • Warranty on Product
    Industry Best: Standard 2 year warranty
  • Warranty on Cables
    90 day warranty
  • Technical Support
    Quick, friendly, and professional technical support provided

Operating Features

  • Up to 7.5 GB Per Minute Data Transfer Rate
    Source and destination. (Speed limited only by the maximum speed of the hard drives - operates any drive as fast as it will go)
    Data transfer rate sustained whether duplicating 1 drive or 2 drives
    Data transfer rate sustained even with MD5 or SHA256 enabled
  • Verify
    MD5 and SHA256 hash value automatically stored in image annotation file. Set to singlepass or multi-pass reverify
    32 bit CRC hash value automatically stored for each chunk in image annotation file
  • Duplication Modes
    Clone: block by block copy of entire drive; block locations identical to source
    Image: block by block copy (dd image) of entire drive into single file or chunked files
  • Copy DCO and HPA
    Automatically detects and copies all data, even data protected by Device Configuration Overlay and Host Protected Area
  • Wipe Modes
    Entire Drive Wipe - Wipes up to 2 drives at maximum drive speed (up to 7.5 GB per minute)
    Post-Clone Wipe – Wipes remaining blocks ensuring forensic data integrity
  • Drive Accommodation
    ATA and Laptop drives easily handled with optional adapters
  • Drive Duplication Engine
    Design based on proven HardCopy drive duplication engine; trusted and in use by law enforcement worldwide

The HardCopy 3P Includes

  • Three SATA power cables
  • Three half-meter SATA data cables
  • One IDE cable
  • Power Supply
  • User's Manual