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UltraBlock USB Write Blocker
UltraBlock SAS Write Blocker

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The UltraBlock Forensic SAS bridge brings secure, hardware-based write blocking to the world of Serial Attached SCSI hard drives. The UltraBlock SAS Write Blocker supports SAS hard drives that are commonly found in RAID arrays, and becoming more popular in desktop systems. Switchable power is controlled through a reliable, membrane ON/OFF switch.

UltraBlock SAS Write Blocker
SKU: W2900


Additional Power Supply
SKU: X1000


About the UltraBlock SAS Write Blocker

UltraBlock SAS Write BlockerThe UltraBlock SAS is an eSATA/FireWire/USB to SAS Bridge with Forensic Write Protection. It can be connected to your laptop or desktop using the eSATA, FireWire-A (400 Mb/s), the FireWire-B (800 Mb/s), or the USB 1.X/2.0 interface. The UltraBlock SAS operates as a write blocker only, there's no read-write mode available. By connecting a suspect drive to the UltraBlock SAS, you can be certain that no writes, modifications, or alterations can occur to the attached drive.

The UltraBlock SAS Bridge is the first portable hardware write blocker built specifically for
fast imaging of SAS hard drives. One cable (the TC4-8 Unitized Power & Signal) connects the T6es to a
SAS hard drive. The flexiblity of four unique host computer connections provide options for any data
acquisition job you face.

The UltraBlock SAS kit includes the following:

  • UltraBlock Forensic SAS Bridge
  • Power Supply
  • Unified SAS Power & Signal Cable
  • FireWire800 9-pin to 9-pin Cable
  • 4-pin to 9-pin FireWire Cable Adapter
  • 6-pin to 9-pin FireWire Cable Adapter
  • USB-A to Mini-USB-B Cable
  • eSATA Cable, 1 Meter length
  • Nylon kit bag

PC Interface:

eSATA, FireWire-A, FireWire-B, USB (1.X/2.0)

Drive Interfaces:

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

Operational Mode:

Write Block Only


The UltraBlock Power Supply may only be used to power one UltraBlock and one Hard Drive. Do not attempt to use a single external power supply to power more than one UltraBlock and Hard Drive.

This UltraBlock Kit includes the UltraBlock Device, UltraBlock Power Supply, eSATA cable, 9-pin to 9-pin FireWire-B (800) cable, USB cable, one drive power cable, one 9-6 pin Firewire adapter, one 9-4 pin Firewire adapter and Unified SAS Power & Signal Cable.