Forensic Imager TX1
The Forensic Imager TX1 is the latest and greatest Forensic device from Tableau

UltraBlock PCIe Bridge
Image Your PCIe Card and PCIe M.2 SSDs - Read Only and Read Write Capability!

Windows 10 Professional is Now Standard in FRED Systems
Digital Intelligence Maintains its Lead in Forensic Workstation Performance
FRED i7 and Dual Xeon Systems Have Been Updated to the Latest Windows OS

Now Available for FRED, FRED 1R, FRED 2R, FRED RM and FREDDIE


mSATA and M.2 to SATA Adapter Kit
Adapt an mSATA or M.2 SSD to a Standard SATA Interface

UltraBlock USB 3.0 Write Blocker
Image your USB3 Devices 10x Faster While Maintaining Value, Ease of Use and Reliability

Build Out Your Forensic Network With
Pre-Configured Modular Options

Choose From Custom Engineered and Pre-Configured ADLab Server,
Virtual Machine Servers, Database Server Platforms, RAID Expansion Modules,
High-Density Workstations and High performance GPU Password Crackers

FREDL Update - Latest Intel Haswell Technology
Up to 3 Internal Drives for OS, DATA and mSATA for your Cache/Database

The First Forensic SuperComputer Expansion Chassis
GPU PowerStation - The First Commercially Available SuperComputer Expansion Chassis
Optimized for Massive Parallel Processing and Computation

Quantifying Hardware Selection in an EnCase 7 Environment
FRED i7 vs FRED Dual Xeon - EnCase v7 Benchmark Testing

Quantifying Hardware Selection in an FTK 4.0 Environment
FRED i7 vs FRED Dual Xeon - FTK 4.0 Benchmark Testing