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Hard Drive Enclosures
Palm Drive 1.8 Inch ZIF HD Enclosure

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Palm Drive 1.8 Inch ZIF or PIN USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure
120+ GB in the Palm of Your Hand

Neither enclosure will connect to a MacBook Air SATA LIF Hard Drive

1.8" ZIF HD Enclosure
SKU: X5155


1.8" PIN HD Enclosure
SKU: X5156


Pair of 3mm/2mm High ZIF Cables
SKU: C9000


About the 1.8" ZIF or PIN Hard Drive Enclosure

Palm Drive 1.8 Inch ZIF HD EnclosurePalm Drive 1.8 Inch ZIF HD Enclosure Interface
ZIF Enclosure

This new version of the 1.8" HD enclosure connects to ZIF or PIN drives, depending on which enclosure you choose. The enclosure operates at USB 2.0 speeds and requires no additional power supply. Simply attach the hard drive and enclosure to your system via the included USB cable and you are ready to go.

Forget about tiny 2GB, 4GB, 8GB or 16GB thumb drives. How about a Palm-Drive? This enclosure provides 120+ GB in a form factor the size of a business card!

The approximate dimensions are 4 1/4" Long, 2 3/8" Wide, 7/16 " High.
It will accommodate drives with dimensions up to:


0.315" (8.0mm)


2.12" (54mm)


3.09" (78.5mm)

Not sure if your drive will fit?
Check your drive's specifications at the Toshiba, Hitachi or Samsung website.

The cable included in the kit is 3mm high on both ends.
If you require a 3mm/2mm cable, we sell them in pairs as shown below.

As a USB storage device, you can make the drive bootable! At Digital Intelligence, we use it to not only store data and applications, but also a forensically sound Win98se boot environment. Using this approach, we can boot almost any PC from the USB port into Win98se DOS and then run DOS based tools like EN.EXE, Drivespy, Ghost, Diskedit, etc. Get the suspect PC booted into a forensically sound DOS environment, and then push your images out to a high-capacity desktop hard drive connected in your system.

Palm Drive 1.8 Inch PIN HD EnclosurePalm Drive 1.8 Inch PIN HD Enclosure Interface

PIN Enclosure

The PIN enclosure will connect to a 50-pin Parallel ATA interface drive.

Palm Drive 1.8 Inch ZIF and PIN HD Enclosure Accessories

Included with the enclosure is the ZIF or PIN to USB bridge, 3mm high ZIF cable (with ZIF enclosure), USB cable, rubber spacer pads (for thinner drives), USB Win98 driver disk, small screwdriver w/screws and a protective carrying pouch.

3mm / 2mm ZIF Cables (2)
1.8 Inch ZIF Cables
These 3mm / 2mm high ZIF cables are available for the X5150 ZIF Hard Drive Enclosure.