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FireFly Read/Write

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The Next Generation FireFly -> FireFly IDE and SATA
It's Smaller... It's Faster... It's Better...

The FireFly is a compact hardware based write blocker which will allow an IDE or SATA hard drive to be connected to a IEEE 1394a or 1394b compliant FireWire device chain.

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FireFly IDE Read/Write Kit
SKU: W1150



FireFly SATA Read/Write Kit
SKU: W1250


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FireFly Read/Write

Our FireFly IDE and SATA are also available in a read-write configuration to offer a FireWire 800 accessible destination for your files. Use your FireFly SATA Read/Writeread-only FireFly to acquire the suspect data, and use your read-write FireFly to store your forensic images. A simple daisychain of our read-only and read-write FireFly devices functions as a complete portable solution for your forensic imaging needs.

Versatile Operation

In Write Protect mode, the FireFly will prevent ANY and ALL writes from reaching the attached IDE device. It is compatible with all Windows 98se, Windows ME, Windows 2K/XP, and any O/S that supports IEEE 1394 and has a compliant card and drivers.

In Read/Write mode (non-Write Protected), it can be used to attach a drive to be used for receiving images on your FireWire chain.

The FireFly is shipped by default in a Read-Only (write blocking) configuration. However, it can be configured to enable Read-Write operation as well. To prevent unwanted alteration it necessary for the customer to make a modification to the housing to enable the Read-Write operation.

Configuration Switches

OFF = Read Only (write blocking enabled)
ON = Read/Write

OFF = Unit reports errors if writes are attempted
ON = Unit suppresses errors if writes are attempted

OFF = Unit reports Write-Protect (WP) status in code page
ON = Unit supresses Write-Protect (WP) status in code page


FireFly Kit

Power can be supplied to the FireFly and your drive via a standard 4-pin Molex PC power connector or via the included external standalone power supply (110/220v).  Simply connect the FireFly device to the back of your IDE or SATA drive, connect your power source, and the FireWire data cable.

FireFly Contents

The FireFly Kit comes complete with Power Supply, FireWire 1394b (800Mb/s) Cable,
9-6 pin and 9-4 pin FireWire 1394a Adapters

As with ALL FireWire write blocking devices offered by Digital Intelligence, the firmware provided in the FireFly is specifically designed to achieve full FireWire 800 speeds and circumvent known problems introduced with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2. While other vendors are removing FireWire devices from their product offerings because of this Windows problem, Digital Intelligence is providing specially engineered FireWire devices capable of full throughput in this environment.

Please NOTE: The external power supply may only be used to power one FireFly and one Hard Drive. Do not attempt to use a single external power supply to power more than one FireFly and Hard Drive!