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Forensic Duplicator 2
Forensic Duplicator 2

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The Forensic Duplicator 2 provides forensic (write-protected source drive) disk-to-file or disk-to-disk duplication for IDE to SATA and SATA to SATA hard disk drives. This version is 1:2 which allows you to copy from one IDE or SATA drive to two SATA destinations simultaneously.

Forensic Duplicator 2
SKU: D6100


Forensic Duplicator 2 +
Protocol Module Bundle
SKU: D6116



Additional Power Supply (TP5)
SKU: X1030


Extends Forensic Duplicator 2 Connectivity

USB Protocol Module
SKU: A6000



SAS Protocol Module
SKU: A6010


Protocol Module Bundle
SKU: A6032




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The Forensic Duplicator 2

Forensic Duplicator - Top ViewBuilt on the strength and reputation of the original Forensic Duplicator, the newly released TD2 Forensic Duplicator delivers advanced functions and exceptional performance in a compact, durable and easy-to-use package. This second-generation product was engineered for standalone forensic acquisitions in both field and lab settings, natively imaging both SATA and IDE/PATA hard drives at speeds up to 9GB/min. Utilizing the same protocol modules as the original Forensic Duplicator, investigations can (optionally) include USB and SAS suspect drives.

Accelerated Architecture and Features

New for TD2 Forensic Duplicator is "Twinning" support, for 1:2 drive duplication. Standard features include Disk-to-Disk and Disk-to-File duplication, Format, Wipe, Hash (MD5 or SHA-1), HPA / DCO detection and removal, and Blank Disk Check. The TD2 Forensic Duplicator can write out in raw DD, EnCase .e01 (compressed) and is field-upgradable to EnCase v7 .ex01 (AES encrypted). As with all Tableau forensic products, the TD2 Forensic Duplicator is firmware upgradeable through the Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) utility.

Everything You Need to Get Started

The TD2 Forensic Duplicator is available as a complete kit which includes the TP5 high-output power supply, SATA and IDE drive and power cables, a FireWire cable for firmware updates, three different notebook drive adapters and a quick-start guide. The kit also includes a custom foam insert which protects kit contents during shipment and which can be transferred directly to any of several industry-standard hard-sided cases.

Forensic Duplicator Information

The Forensic Duplicator 2 is an intelligent alternative to higher-priced disk imaging solutions. The Forensic Duplicator 2 supports hashed (SHA-1 & MD5) duplication of IDE or SATA HDD’s at sustained transfer speeds of up to 9 GBytes per minute.

The Forensic Duplicator 2 is designed for easy, one-button operation. Upon source (write-protected) and destination drive (writeable) connection and power-up, the Forensic Duplicator will verify drive and device information. To start duplication, simply push the enter button. Imaging will begin based upon the user presets entered during initial device setup. Or if you prefer, use the control keys and LCD to select from a menu of available functions. Once duplication begins, progress information is displayed on the 80 character LCD.

Forensic Duplicator 2 - TopThe Forensic Duplicator provides the flexibility of cloning (disk-to-disk) or imaging (disk-to-FAT32 file system) hard drives. Source and destination drives may be any combination of SATA or IDE. The Forensic Duplicator supports 1:1 drive duplication and will prompt users when spanning multiple destination drives.

In addition to fast drive duplication, user selectable functions include FAT32 Disk Formatting, Disk Wiping, Disk Blank Check, Display Disk Information, Hash Disk Drives (MD5 or SHA-1), View & Print Logs, and Setup Device Information.

Protocol ModulesExtend Imaging Capability With Protocol Modules

The Forensic Duplicator has always been great at imaging SATA or IDE hard drives. Now you can image USB and SAS storage devices with the Forensic Duplicator by using Protocol Modules. Easy to connect and easy to use, the TDP6 (SAS) and TDP8 (USB) protocol modules are sold individually or as a bundle (below).

Protocol Module BundleOur Protocol Module Bundle combines both Protocol Modules into one value-priced kit so that you're ready to acquire via USB and SAS interfaces in the field. Simply connect a module to the Forensic Duplicator's SATA input, connect the device that you're imaging to the protocol module, and go!

Please Note: The Protocol Modules are configured for read-only operation and can be used only on the source side of the Forensic Duplicator.

Forensic Duplicator 2 Key Features

  • Forensic Duplicator 2 - Left ViewDisk to Dual Disk Duplication
  • Disk to DD File Duplication (FAT32, with the ability to span multiple destination disks)
  • Source Hashing (without duplication)
  • Drive-speed/real-time MD-5 and SHA-1 Hashing (simultaneous) for duplication and hashing
  • Destination Wiping (ATA Security Erase, 1-pass wipe, and 3-pass wipe)
  • Destination Disk Formatting
  • Source and Destination Blank Check (both automatic and menu-driven)
  • HPA/DCO Support (ability to defeat/remove HPA and/or DCO)
  • Native SATA or IDE on the source and destination
  • 80 Character User Interface
  • 2 USB Ports for Printing and/or Saving Reports to Thumb Drives (Planned for Rev 2)
  • 1 Firewire Port for Fast Firmware Updates
  • Upgradeable Firmware Offers Expanded Features


The speed of the Forensic Duplicator is drive limited and can achieve achieve data path transfer rates of 150 MB/s (9 GB/m).

Included With the Forensic Duplicator 2

  • Forensic Duplicator 2 - Right ViewTD2 Forensic Duplicator
  • TP5 High Output Power Supply
  • TC4-8-R2 8" Modular SATA Power/Data Cable (x2)
  • TC5-8-R2 8" Modular SATA Power Cable
  • TC2-8-R2 8" Modular Molex Power Cable
  • TC3-8 8" SATA Signal Cable
  • TC6-8 8" IDE Signal Cable
  • TC7-6-6 6' USB Cable
  • TC6-2 2" IDE Signal Cable
  • TDA5-18 1.8" Drive Adapter
  • TDA5-25 2.5" Drive Adapter
  • TDA5-ZIF Drive Adapter
  • TC20-BNDL ZIF Cable Set
  • TDA3-1 MicroSATA Adapter
  • TD2 Quick Start Guide