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FREDC Baseline
FREDC Baseline System

Learn More About a Forensic Network Here

So... What's a FREDC?


Complete, Secure, Cloud Storage for Forensic Data
The FREDC is a fully configured, private cloud, for Forensic Storage. Centralized Storage, centralized administration, centralized security, and centralized backup! All the things that made REAL file servers great - all in a platform fast enough to make it worthwhile! Unlike other generic "IT-Centric" network solutions, the FREDC has been designed from the ground up to be fast and reliable for direct forensic imaging and processing to/from the server itself. While other solutions require secondary copies to network storage, the FREDC systems have been designed for the direct ingest and processing of data. No need for closets full of old hard drives or massive amounts of local workstation storage!

Turn-Key Solution
No additional hardware is required. The FREDC is entirely self-contained. It’s a complete forensic network in a rack. The operating system and all software is fully installed and pre-configured. While other vendors will sell you individual hardware components and just provide O/S installation media, the FREDC system is fully preconfigured, assembled, and ready to go the first day you receive it. Just run network cabling from your forensic workstations to the rack and you’re ready to get to work!

FREDC With 4 RAIDs and 3 FREDRMs
FREDC Configured With
4 RAIDs and 3 FREDs

On-Site Installation and Training Included
Digital Intelligence even provides a full day of training in the operation and management of the Data Center at YOUR location using YOUR equipment.

Optimized for Speed and Efficiency
The Data Center runs a highly optimized Linux Operating System with file systems hand selected for the highest performance and reliability. You can’t come anywhere near this level of performance with "other" Operating Systems!

Works With Your Existing Forensic Workstations
Data Center storage drives are automatically mapped to each examiners workstation at login. No custom network client is required. If your workstations can share files on a Windows network, they can easily work with our server right out of the box.

10GB Ethernet Network (10GBase-T) for Extremely High Performance
10GBase-T Benchmark Imaging speeds in excess of 17GB/Min directly to the server! Create a forensic image of the fastest 1TB hard drives in less than an hour (without compression!). Network Imaging speed are purely drive limited at this point! Dual 10GB, Load Balanced NICs provide plenty of bandwidth for multiple forensic workstations. We have tested up to four 10GB FRED workstations imaging simultaneously with absolutely NO performance degradation at the workstations or on the network!

FREDC Features

10GB Ethernet Network (10GBase-T) for Compatibility
10GBase-T Network Infrastructure is backwardly compatible with Standard Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces and Cables. Use Cat6A cables and 10GBase-T adapters for 10G speeds. Connect legacy Gigabit devices using standard Cat5e cables and Interfaces. Even legacy Gigabit workstations can achieve forensic imaging speeds of up to 6.6 GB/Min using this network! Use what you have now and upgrade your connectivity as you move forward!

Dedicated, Direct Attached, Expandable, High Speed Storage for Forensic Images/Data/Casework
Our smart, 16 Bay, RAID-6, SAS attached storage modules provide high speed storage in 160TB increments. Start with 160TB now and add more storage as demands increase!

Preconfigured for Full TCP/IP Functionality
A full suite of TCP/IP services (DHCP, DNS, HTTP, NTP, XDMCP) is preconfigured and ready to go. No external network services are required. Our Training and Documentation ensure easy management of these services.

Preconfigured for full SMB (Windows Network) Functionality
Windows client SMB Services (via SAMBA) are fully preconfigured and deployed. Share names have been defined and network permissions established. SMB Services are custom tuned for optimum performance, security, reliability, ease of access and management.

Integrated Backup/Archive Software and Hardware
A 16-Tape Robotic Tape Library and Enterprise-class software is included with each system. Fifteen Ultrium-6 Tapes (6.25TB Compressed/2.5 TB Native capacity per tape) are included. We even include a cleaning cartridge! The Enterprise-class Backup and Archive software has been pre-installed and configured. Training is provided on the use of the software with special focus on suggested methods to protect and archive your forensic case work.

Preconfigured for Hardware Remote Access and Control (IPKVM)
A muiti-port IPKVM is integrated into the Data Center which provides hardware access and control of any system in the rack. Since the IPKVM is a hardware solution, it does not require any software to be installed on the systems in the rack. Any system in the forensic network can control any device in the rack (Server, FRED-RM or other modules) all the way down to CMOS configuration. Workstations connecting to the IPKVM over the network simply require a browser with Java support.

Preconfigured for Software Remote Access and Control (X-Windows, VNC)
While hardware based remote access is extremely flexible, software based remote access provides speed and efficiency. X-Windows is fully configured on the Server for remote desktop access. We even include a site license to run X-Windows on your Windows workstations. Connect and manage the FREDC server using native X-Windows capability. VNC software is also included so you can connect and control the FRED-RM workstation(s) in the rack. Our diskless boot environment even includes integrated VNC access for remote control!

Integrated Power Protection for all hardware in the rack (UPS)
Our baseline systems only require a single 30 AMP, 120V connection to power the entire rack. The Data Center comes complete with a 3000 VA integrated Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for electrical protection. Additional UPS modules can easily be added for Data Center options which require additional power capacity.

Custom Software
Each FREDC system includes unique software designed and developed by Digital Intelligence to assist in the utilization and management of your forensic network:

  • Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Environment (DIDRE)
    Digital Intelligence’s bare-metal disaster recovery environment can restore your entire operating system in just minutes. The DI Disaster Recovery environment creates and stores up to 5 of your latest disaster recovery snapshots on a dedicated, bootable, hard drive. Creating a DR snapshot is a simple menu option and takes only minutes!
  • Integrated Solution for Backup/Restoration/Management of Laboratory Workstation Images (DIWIMS)
    The Digital Intelligence Workstation Imaging System is a highly automated environment for the creation, management, and restoration of the functional images of your forensic workstations. Not only does the FREDC store your forensic images and data, it also stores functional images of all the forensic workstations in you lab. These workstation images can be created and restored by simply booting to our diskless boot (PXE) environment, or booting to our EZNet CD, and running DIWIMS. Not only does this allow you to easily create complete bare-metal recovery images of your forensic workstations, but it also provides a simple method to switch workstation operating systems, or restore specific baseline forensic processing environments! Want to run Linux on your workstation - run it natively on optimized hardware (no VM’s required)! Want to run XP? ...Win7? ...Win8? Create your baseline workstation images and then use DIWIMS to restore them in minutes!
  • Automated Problem Detection with Secure SMS Notification (SMSNS)
    The FREDC SMS Notification System provides automatic notification in the event of any RAID failure or warning. SMSNS uses a proprietary SMS device alert our central monitoring facility. Although it would be easier to implement a system which sends system alerts via email, that would pose a security issue with direct Internet connectivity. We have developed a highly secure (outbound only) SMS system which exposes no inbound or internet connectivity at all. Don't let an undetected drive failure in your RAID jeopardize your evidence. With SMSNS, you are protected!
  • Custom Workstation Preparation/Installation Tool (FCCInstall)
    Although our FREDC network requires no additional client software for Windows workstation interoperability, Digital Intelligence has developed a utility to assist in the integration of our software support suite. The FREDC Client Install utility automatically configures network security and installs support software on each forensic workstation. This includes automatic installation and configuration of NetLogon, Mapster, X-Windows, Network Backup Console/Agent, Firefox, Java, and our recommended Network Management Shortcuts. Each install program is preceded with a message like "accept all installation defaults" or "answer question 3 with..." - it couldn't be simpler!
  • Custom Login Environment Processor (NETLOGON)
    Digital Intelligence has developed an integrated logon processor that supports configurable drive mapping and software execution based on workstation specific, user specific, or global network configuration options. The NetLogon facility employs single sign on capabilities and operates transparently at each workstation log on to map drives, synchronize network time, and provide extended configuration options.
  • Custom Storage Drive Assignment Utility (MAPSTER)
    For those FREDC systems with multiple RAID arrays for Forensic Storage, Digital Intelligence has developed the point-and-click Mapster utility to automatically redirect drive letter associations to the desired storage areas. The Mapster utility is also fully customer configurable to enable additional functionality.
  • Windows-7 Diskless PXE Boot Environment with Forensic Imaging Capability (EZNet)
    Digital Intelligence has implemented a custom Windows 7 Network Boot image which can be run both from a CD (EZNet) and a diskless PXE Boot Environment. Both options are fully configured and included with each FREDC. Whether you boot from a CD, or directly over the network, the EZNet environment provides a 32-bit Win7 environment with full network access, forensic imaging (Tableau Imager), and workstation imaging (DIWIMS) built right in!

FREDC System Options

Digital Intelligence is proud to announce a full-featured set of complementary modular components which integrate seamlessly into the FREDC Forensic Network. Custom engineered and pre-configured ADLab Server, Virtual Machine Servers, Database Server Platforms, RAID Expansion Modules, High-Density Workstations, and high performance GPU Password Crackers are all part of the our comprehensive product line.

Our new modular options are pre-configured for rapid deployment and ease of management. Most also include on-site installation and training. As with other Digital Intelligence equipment, they ALL include lifetime technical support.

Click Here for the Baseline FREDC-SERVER Specifications

The Following Additional Pre-Configured Modules are Available to Meet Your Requirements


  • ADLab Server
    ADLab Server With support from AccessData, Digitalintelligence has designed an optimized pre-packaged solution for the ADLab product. The ADLab solution includes a pre-configured database server and uses high speed FREDC network storage. It utilizes the FRED-RM as a "Distributed Processing Manager" and web server. One FRED DUO is included and more can be added as "Distributed Workers".

    Our ADLab Server utilizes a Linux O/S and the same Postgres database as other AccessData products. This optimized combination is 30% faster than similarly optimized Microsoft components (Server 2008R2/SQL Server) on the same hardware! In conjunction with the FREDC Data Center high-speed storage, Distributed Worker network file access is also 30% faster than with a Microsoft file server. Combined with your ADLab license, our ADLab module offers a "turn-key" experience with a very complex and powerful product!

  • Virtual Machine Server
    Virtual Machine ServerThe Digital Intelligence Virtual Machine Server and pre-configured virtual machines allow remote access to XP, Win7, Win8, and Linux environments. All individual virtual machines are remotely accessible via VNC, RDP, and/or X-Windows client programs. Typical uses for virtual machines are as temporary "worker" boxes or as "clean" systems for testing, or to safely duplicate a suspect environment.

  • Database Server Platform
    Database ServerThe Digital Intelligence Database Server Platform has been optimized for forensic and e-Discovery database environments. This user configurable "bare-metal" solution combines hardware components designed, tested, and proven to support Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Postgres workloads. The 10X6TB Internal RAID volumes can be configured for fault tolerance, extreme performance, or in any combination based on your needs.


    FRED ModuleThe FRED-RM module has all the processing functionality of a FRED system integrated into a rack-mount module. Our new 10Gb Ethernet option raises the standard for Forensic Workstations. Digital Intelligence continues to lead the industry in functionality, reliability, and performance!

Click Here for the Baseline FRED-RM Specifications

    FRED DUOThe FRED-DUO is a 1U rack-mounted chassis containing 2 completely independent computer systems. Each system uses a Xeon-based processor, 16GB RAM (expandable to 64GB RAM), and up to 4 front-accessible SATA hot-swap hard drive bays. Their compact form factor allows multiple FRED DUO's to be incorporated into a powerful distributed processing farm.


  • 160TB RAID Expansion
    FREDC RAID ModuleFeaturing native SAS connectivity and RAID6 fault-tolerance, these high-speed storage modules allow for cost effective expansion of on-line storage in the FREDC Forensic Data Center. Multiple modules can be added to achieve hundreds of Terabytes of centralized fault-tolerant storage. As part of your FREDC Data Center, these modules can even send an alert in the event of a drive failure or other important event. Compared to other vendor's storage solutions, we are confident you will not find a better value or more reliable on-line storage offering.

  • GPU Rackmount PowerStation (3U)
    GPU RM PowerStationThe Digital Intelligence GPU-RM PowerStation and companion host adapter allows a FRED-RM forensic workstation to leverage over 10,000 CUDA processors for password recovery. Typically this results in a 50 fold decrease in password recovery times versus CPU-only implementations. This system benchmarks at 15.5 Billion passwords/second on NTLM and 117,000 p/s on DOCX files using Elcomsoft EPDR. As encryption becomes more prevalent and sophisticated, and when time is critical, our GPU-RM PowerStation will get the job done fast!

FREDC Specifications

FREDC Configuration

Must Be Quoted

866-344-4683 or 262-782-3332

Additional Options are Available Upon Request

All of our systems can be upgraded or modified according to customer requests. Typical options or upgrades include Processor Upgrades, Memory Upgrades, Hard Drive Upgrades or additions, and additional bundled forensic software as requested.

FREDC systems can be implemented in identical style cabinets of different heights. 30, 36, 52, 61, 76, and 84 inch tall cabinets are available.

Digital Intelligence will install/configure your equipment at your location and provide orientation for your personnel.

As all FREDC Forensic Data Centers are individually designed to meet customer specifications and requirements, please contact Digital Intelligence for configuration assistance and pricing.



Do the Research:  Examine our system specifications, ask existing customers about our products and support.  You'll understand why our FRED Systems are continually recognized as the best designed, most capable, completely supported Forensic Workstations in the world! (even by those who try to copy our products)  


You know the name - now get your own!  Only at Digital Intelligence!