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Forensic Accessories
MultiDrive Adapter

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The MultiDrive Adapter allows 2.5 inch, 1.8 inch pin connector and 1.8 inch ZIF connector IDE hard drives to be connected to a write blocker or standard 40 pin IDE connector.

Download the MultiDrive Adapter Manual

This adapter will not connect to a MacBook Air SATA LIF Hard Drive

MultiDrive Adapter
SKU: A4400


Replacement ZIF to PIN Adapters (2)
SKU: A4405


MultiDrive Adapter ContentsAbout the MultiDrive Adapter

The MultiDrive Adapter is designed to be used with various write blockers including the UltraBlock IDE, UltraBlock IDE/SATA, FireFly IDE and the UltraBay. The MultiDrive Adapter supports standard 2.5 inch IDE hard drives, 1.8 inch IDE hard drives with 50 pin connector, Toshiba ZIF hard drives, Samsung ZIF hard drives, Hitachi ZIF hard drives and other hard drives with a 40-pin ZIF connector.

Replacement ZIF to PIN Adapters
Replacement ZIF to PIN Adapters (1 Pair)

The following is included with the MultiDrive Adapter:

  • MultiDrive Adapter (1)
  • ZIF Drive housing (1)
  • ZIF to Pin adapter card (2)
  • Set of Toshiba/Samsung mounting brackets (1 set labeled “T”)
  • Set of Hitachi mounting brackets (1 set labeled “H”)
  • Mounting screws (8)
  • User Guide (1)
MultiDrive Adapter With ZIF Drive
MultiDrive Adapter IDE and Power Port

MultiDrive Adapter With ZIF Drive

MultiDrive Adapter IDE and Power Connectors