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SuperChief SATA
SuperChief SATA

The SuperChief is a dual bay USB3 to SATA enclosure that is completely configurable for Read Only or Read Write operation.


SKU: W4700



About the SuperChief

The SuperChief allows a suspect SATA hard drive to be write protected and a target SATA hard drive to be connected to a computer via a USB3 (or USB2) interface for the purpose of forensic acquisition and analysis. The SuperChief requires only one cable for power (110-220V 50-60 Hz compatible) and one USB cable for data connection to the host system. The SuperChief is provided with a power cable, USB3 data cable and 2 SATA trays. 9" High x 8" Wide x 13" Deep.

Both drive bays are user configurable for either Read-Only or Read-Write operation independently via a rotary switch on the back of the unit.

SuperChief Switches

USB 3.0 PCIe Controller

USB3 PCIe Controller

We also sell this USB3 PCIe Controller if you don't have USB3 available in your system.