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UltraBlock USB Write Blocker
UltraBlock USB Write Blocker

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This second revision device now has a membrane ON/OFF switch, USB bus power has been increased up to 1.5 amps to drive a wider range of USB storage devices and transfers at speeds up to 90% of the native USB device's rate as measured by using TIM (Tableau IMager).

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UltraBlock USB Write Blocker (v2)
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Additional Power Supply
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UltraBlock USB Write BlockerAbout the UltraBlock USB Write Blocker

The UltraBlock Forensic USB Bridge brings secure, hardware-based write blocking to the world of USB mass storage devices. The UltraBlock USB Write Blocker supports USB2.0 High-Speed (480 Mbit/s), USB 1.1 Full-Speed (12 Mbit/s) and Low-Speed (1.2 Mbit/s) devices conforming to the USB Mass Storage "Bulk-only" class specification. The UltraBlock USB Write Blocker works with USB thumb drives, external USB disk drives, even USB-based cameras with card-reader capability.

UltraBlock USB Write Blocker KitLike other UltraBlock forensic bridges, the USB Write Blocker supports both USB 2.0 and FireWire400 connections to a host computer, permitting flexible operation with the full range of forensic hosts and existing software tools. The UltraBlock USB Write Blocker is designed to allow forensically sound images to be extracted from USB mass storage devices. Data can be read from the USB mass storage device without fear that data on the USB device will be modified inadvertently during the acquisition process.

NOTE: There is an important difference between the UltraBlock USB Write Blocker and our other UltraBlock products. The IDE, SATA, and SCSI (discontinued) forensic bridges can be field-switched between read-only (write-block) and read-write modes of operation, the UltraBlock USB Write Blocker is permanently configured for write-blocking operation.

PC Interface:

FireWire-A, USB Mini-B (1.X/2.0)

Device Interface:

USB A (1.X/2.0)

Operational Mode:

Write Block Only

The UltraBlock USB Write Blocker also incorporates a major new enhancement in the realm of forensic bridges and write-blockers, a built-in LCD user interface.

LCD Display

Through this built-in user interface, the user can view the manufacturer, model, capacity, serial number, and numerous other technical details of the attached USB device.