Digital Intelligence
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Digital Intelligence is the largest global manufacturer and supplier of computer forensic hardware. Our expertise allows us to provide unparalleled training on the equipment necessary to best work your case.



Digital Forensics with FRED

The Digital Forensics with FRED course is designed for Forensic Examiners, eDiscovery Specialists and First Responders. This one day training highlights all of the features of the FRED forensic workstation as well as provide a basic foundation needed to utilize the equipment to complete a forensic preview, triage or duplicate copy. The course also covers optimal configuration and installation locations for the most popular digital forensic software along with maintenance and troubleshooting for the FRED.



DFF & AccessData Boot Camp

A combination of the Digital Forensics with FRED and the Accessdata FTK4 boot camp. FTK3 is available upon request for custom training.




The VPER course offers the student a combination of the Digital Forensic Intermediate and EnCase forensics with version 7. This 4 day course will not only provide the attendee with an all around knowledge of EnCase, but also the foundation in the digital forensic topics covered. Students who attend the VPER class are also invited to attend the DFF class, typically offered on the Monday of the VPER training week, free of charge. Simply indicate on your registration form that you'd like to attend both. Attendance of both the 1 day DFF and VPER counts as 40 hours towards the training requirement for the EnCE examination.



Digital Forensics Intermediate

Primary locations of forensic artifacts on a Windows based machine or media are covered in this 4 day class. Lessons provided on topics such as; Partitioning, Recycle Bin, Registry, Thumbnails and Thumbs.db and date/time concepts for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Basics of email, Internet artifacts, and Link files are additionally covered.