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Forensic Software

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Standalone + 1 Year Subscription
SKU: S7250


Forensic Toolkit Training


Forensic Toolkit (FTK), recognized around the world as the Standard in computer forensic software, is the only court-cited digital investigations solution built for speed, stability and ease of use. Known for its intuitive interface, email analysis, customizable data views and stability, FTK lays the framework for seamless expansion so your solution can grow with your organization's needs.


One Shared Case Database
Unlike other products on the market, FTK is database driven. All data is stored in one case database, which allows teams to use the same data, reducing the cost and complexity of creating multiple case datasets. Best of all, you won't experience failures associated with memory-based tools. For example, if the GUI
crashes, the processing workers can continue to process data.

Unmatched Processing Speed
FTK is different from other solutions in that it processes data up front; you don't waste time waiting for searches to execute during the analysis phase. It's designed to provide the fastest, most accurate and consistent processing with distributed processing and true multi-threaded/multi-core support.

New With FTK 6.0
To help streamline the investigation and e-discovery process, FTK 6.0 includes enhancements for even greater integration with Summation.

Benefit From the Shared Case Database

  • Indexing - With a shared index file you can eliminate the need to recreate or duplicate the file, delivering consistent search results regardless of whether you are searching in FTK or Summation.
  • Deduplication - Gain a more complete understanding of your data sooner with enhanced interoperability between FTK and Summation, ensuring both products are deduplicating data
    the same way.
  • Shared FTK & Summation Audit Log - Further updates to the audit log mean documents viewed in the FTK viewer will now be displayed in the Summation audit log and vice versa.

Additional Enhancements Include

  • FTK Web Viewer, Powered by Summation - Conduct case assessment earlier than with competing solutions with real-time collaboration. Attorneys or other teams now have instant access to case data as it's being identified in FTK while incident responders are in the field or performing on-site collections.
  • Easy Button for Processing - Easier and faster processing with pre-defined, one-click command options. With the new FTK processing options (e.g., e-discovery processing, forensic processing, etc.) simply click the "button" based on how you want to process the evidence.
  • Multi-Case Search in Web Viewer - Speed up the searching process by searching across multiple cases instead of one case at a time.
  • Volume Shadow Copy - Reliance on third-party software or manual methods is no longer needed; quickly identify and extract information from the Windows® shadow system files or set up directly within FTK.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Expand to other languages with the ability to choose which language before converting images to readable text. Further enhancements and bug fixes are also included.
  • Internet Artifacts - With phase one of the release, users can now locate hard-to-find key evidence for parsing Dropbox artifacts left on machines.
  • Cellebrite Images - New compatibility giving users the ability to view Cellebrite UFD, UFR and UFDX Images within FTK.
  • New Agent Certificate - To ensure users can continue to integrate with their third-party applications, a new agent certificate will be issued to all clients current on their subscription.
  • Windows 10 Support - Includes the latest enhancements for compatibility with Windows 10.