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Forensic Software
Encase Portable

EnCase Portable
EnCase Portable is a data acquisition solution on a USB drive that leverages the powerful search and acquisition capabilities of EnCase.

This Kit Does Not Include the Required EnCase Software.

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EnCase Portable
SKU: S5003


Price Includes First Year of SMS

EnCase Portable
The ever-growing demand to collect data in the field can stretch resources beyond limits. There is a clear need for technology solutions that increase overall productivity and effectiveness by enabling a wider range of personnel to easily acquire forensically sound evidence in the field. It has been designed specifically to allow a non-forensically trained person to collect data in a forensically sound manner.

EnCase Portable is a data acquisition solution on a USB drive that leverages the powerful search and acquisition capabilities of EnCase. The solution searches a targeted computer and automatically collects data, including documents, Internet history and artifacts, images, other digital evidence, and even entire hard drives.

Pocket-sized Data Collection and Discovery Solution for a Variety of Applications
Unlike other solutions that reside on laptops, EnCase Portable is a pocket-sized tool that can save time and money. Users can collect forensically sound data when target systems cannot be transported due to cost constraints or the situation in the field.

Leverage Personnel Untrained in Data Collection
With EnCase Portable, even a novice computer user can search and collect data from computer systems, allowing forensic experts and other specialists to dedicate time and attention to their areas of expertise. Virtually any user can be trained in minutes.

Capture Data from Running or Powered-Off Systems

  • Live Box Mode: With a computer already running, the user can collect valuable in-memory information.
  • Boot Mode: When a machine is powered off, the user inserts EnCase Portable into the USB port and turns the machine on. The product boots and launches automatically.

Drives are write-protected by EnCase Fastbloc SE to ensure no data is changed on the target machine.

Customizable Search and Collection Jobs
Forensic experts can create and configure complex search criteria, using proven EnCase® functionality, to pinpoint the exact data needed.

Benefits and Features

  • Plug in and collect data immediately.
  • Turn novice computer users into data collectors in matter of minutes.
  • Acquire data anywhere you can carry the pocket-sized kit.
  • Search and collect cyber-intelligence without leaving a trace.
  • Store collected data in the forensically sound, court validated EnCase Logical Evidence File format.

EnCase Portable Uses

  • Police, civilian investigators and parole officers can acquire data without an onsite forensic expert.
  • Military and other government personnel can quickly and accurately collect data during covert operations.
  • Corporate IT or law firm personnel can acquire information at any enterprise location for eDiscovery or corporate investigations.

Automatically Collect an Array of Data Including:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Microsoft Office & OpenOffice Files
  • Lotus WordPro
  • Adobe Acrobat files
  • Web History
  • Image & Multimedia files
  • Archive files
  • Mail archives