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FireFly Power Consideration

Can I use the "legacy" power connector on a SATA hard disk when using the FireFly?

If the SATA hard disk has both a SATA-style 15-pin power connector and an older 4-pin "Molex-style" legacy power connector, you must not apply power to the 4-pin "Molex-style" power connector when using the FireFly. The FireFly provides power to the hard disk through the SATA-style 15-pin power connector. Applying power to both connectors at the same time may seriously damage the SATA hard disk, the FireFly, or both.

If the SATA hard disk has only the older 4-pin "Molex-style" power connector, then it is not possible for the FireFly to provide power directly to the hard disk and you must power the hard disk through the 4-pin "Molex-style" connector.

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