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  • Windows XP Administrator Password
    Why doesn't my administrator password work? The first time the system is started, you will be asked to specify a password for the Administrator account. Due to inconsistencies beyond our control, this password may not be properly implemented. If you are unable to log in to the Administrator...
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  • Dynamic Disks
    When you move a dynamic disk from one computer to another this dynamic disk is flagged in Disk Manager as a foreign disk. In order to access this foreign disk you must import it first. To Import the Foreign Disk on Windows XP 1. Click Start 2. Control Panel 3. Administrative Tools 4. Computer...
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  • How to Configure an IDE Hard Drive
    An IDE hard drive needs to be configured as Master or Single (depending on the drive manufacturer) to work properly with the our write block devices. Refer to the label on the drive or the drive manufacturer's website for specific jumper instructions.
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  • eSATA
    What is eSATA and how is it different that SATA? eSATA (external Serial ATA) is an extension to the SATA (Serial ATA) standard, which enables SATA drives to be attached to a host computer externally. Although eSATA uses identical protocol signaling as SATA, the physical connector is different. The...
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  • Unable to see UltraBay II with Tableau Firmware Update. ACS-6xxx device error.
    If you have a newer system with USB3 support and you have performed a Windows 7 update, you may experience an issue where the Tableau Firmware Update does not see the UltraBay II.The Windows update fails to recognize our USB3/Firewire card correctly and it installs an ACS-6xxx driver. This driver...
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  • Enabling AHCI Mode
    These instructions assume you have Windows already installed and configured in IDE mode and want to change to AHCI mode, without reinstalling.1) Load Windows in your current configuration and run Registry Editor (regedit.exe).2) Navigate to Registry Key:...
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  • Areca RAID Controller Administrator Password
    When configuring or reconfiguring your Areca RAID controller included in our newer systems you will be prompted for a password. The password applied to them during factory configuration is "secret". If for some reason this password fails, try four zeros "0000". If you still cannot get beyond the...
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