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  • Testing Memory in Problematic Systems
    Systems that reboot sporadically, experience Blue Screens of Death (BSoD) and other strange system behavior can often be attributed to bad memory. Below are some RAM testing recommendations. If either program identifies bad memory, try reseating the RAM as this will often fix problems. If it...
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  • Constant Beeping or Alarm Sound From the Inside of a FRED System
    If your system contains a RAID, this is the RAID Controller warning you that the array is not complete. If your RAID chassis levers are solid (with no perforated holes) the first thing to check is that all the drive bay LEDs/switches are illuminated below the RAID drive racks. If one of them is not...
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  • Windows XP Service Pack 3
    If you have updated to WinXP Service Pack 3 and are experiencing problems with your UltraBay, Hotswap drive bays and/or external write blockers connected via Firewire or USB you will need to uninstall SP3. Many people are experiencing problems with Firewire and USB after an SP3 update. This is...
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  • Windows 7 Firewire Drivers
    If you're running Windows 7 and are experiencing host disconnects and/or slow performance with your UltraBay, firewire hotswap bays or other firewire 800 devices check to see that you're running the "Legacy" drivers for your firewire controller.1. In Device Manager, expand the item "IEEE 1394 Bus...
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  • Power Surge on USB3 Hub Port
    If you receive the USB3 error "Power Surge on Hub Port, A USB Device has exceeded the power limit of its hub port, (For assistance in solving problem click this message)" follow the procedure below. 1. Download and unzip USB3_Fix.zip from http://www.digitalintelligence.com/files/USB3_Fix.zip. 2....
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  • Win7 Not Detecting Drives on the UltraBay II or SATA Hotswap Bays
    Symptoms: Your UltraBay II is detecting its attached drive per the LCD panel and the Host Detect light is illuminated but Windows 7 Disk Management does not see the attached drive (even after rescanning disks). Or, you have blue screens and difficulties detecting drives inserted into SATA Hotswap...
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  • BIOS Beep Codes
    If your system will not boot up and is sounding a series of BIOS beep codes, the following information may help you determine what the problem is. The first thing you need to do is count the number of beeps you hear when powering up. POST BIOS Beep Codes: 1 short - DRAM refresh failure2 short -...
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  • Blue Screen When Windows 7 Loads
    There are a couple reasons that you can experience a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) when Windows 7 is loading up. New or Factory Restored Machine During Windows 7's initial launch it detects devices and loads drivers. If a Hot Swap bay is turned on during this process a BSoD can occur. Make sure that...
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  • PCI Simple Communications Controller
    If you are seeing an installation error for the "PCI Simple Communications Controller" in Windows 7, install the "Intel C600 MEI NULL HECI Driver" from the ASUS driver disk which was included with your system. The function of this device is mainly related to remote management features.
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  • USB3 Drivers for Windows 7
    Do Not Use These Drivers for Windows 8+ If you've installed your OS from scratch or if Windows 7 has changed the USB3 drivers after an update you'll need to provide drivers for our USB3 card. You will probably need to remove the card in order to see the model number. Below are the drivers for each...
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  • USB3 Multimedia Card Reader Driver
    This updated USB3 Multimedia Card Reader Driver adds removal and redetection of new media in FRED's integrated USB3 card reader bay. This alleviates the need to power cycle the reader when switching to new media.
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  • USB3 Hub Firmware Update
    A newer firmware for our USB3 Hub is available at http://www.digitalintelligence.com/files/USB3_Hub_FW_Update.zip. This update aids in the detection of newer large USB3 drives.
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  • FRED Manual
    Click Here for our latest manual for our FRED systems.
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