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UltraBlock and FireFly SATA


  • FireFly Power Consideration
    Can I use the "legacy" power connector on a SATA hard disk when using the FireFly? If the SATA hard disk has both a SATA-style 15-pin power connector and an older 4-pin "Molex-style" legacy power connector, you must not apply power to the 4-pin "Molex-style" power connector when using the FireFly....
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  • FireFly SATA vs UltraBlock SATA
    How does the FireFly SATA compare to the UltraBlock SATA? The FireFly SATA bridge is an ultra-compact forensic bridge for use with SATA hard disks. To make the FireFly as small as possible, there were several features removed that the UltraBlock has. Namely, the FireFly lacks a USB host interface,...
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  • Super Talent 8GB 2.5" SATA Solid State Drive
    I'm trying to acquire a Super Talent 8GB SATA flash drive with a Tableau forensic bridge, and I'm getting really slow transfer rates. The Super Talent 8GB 2.5" SATA Solid State Drive (model #FSD8GC25M) has a low-level communication incompatibility with the SATA chipset used in some older revisions...
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