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UltraBlock SCSI


  • Green and Yellow LEDs
    What is the meaning of the two LEDs (one green and one yellow) on the side of the UltraBlock SCSI bridge? The green and yellow LEDs on the side of the UltraBlock next to the HD68 SCSI connector indicate whether an LVD (Low Voltage Differential) or SE (Single-Ended) SCSI device is plugged into the...
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    Will the UltraBlock SCSI bridge work with HVD SCSI? No, the UltraBlock SCSI bridge does not directly support the older SCSI HVD (High Voltage Differential) standard. However, some companies manufacture HVD-LVD converters which can be used to convert the HVD interface on an older hard disk to the...
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  • Multiple SCSI Devices
    Can I attach more than one SCSI device to the UltraBlock SCSI bridge at the same time? No. The UltraBlock SCSI bridge is only intended to work with a single SCSI device at a time.
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  • SCSI Detect Light
    What does it mean when the SCSI Detect light on the UltraBlock SCSI bridge is blinking? After the UltraBlock SCSI bridge is turned ON, it begins scanning the SCSI bus searching for a device. If the SCSI device is ready for operation, the UltraBlock turns ON the SCSI Detect light. If the SCSI...
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  • SCSI Device Jumpers
    Do I need to jumper a SCSI device for a specific SCSI ID when I'm using the UltraBlock SCSI bridge? The UltraBlock SCSI bridge automatically searches SCSI addresses 0..6 and 8..15 for an attached SCSI device. The UltraBlock SCSI bridge itself uses the fixed SCSI ID 7, which is "standard" for host...
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  • SCSI Termination
    Does the UltraBlock SCSI bridge terminate the SCSI bus? Yes, the UltraBlock SCSI bridge terminates the SCSI bus. The SCSI specification requires termination at each end of the bus. So, for proper operation, the SCSI device connected to the UltraBlock should also be terminated. Most modern SCSI...
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  • Ultra320 SCSI Hard Disks
    Will the UltraBlock SCSI bridge work with Ultra320 SCSI hard disks? Yes, the UltraBlock SCSI bridge should be compatible with hard disks including new Ultra320 hard disks.The SCSI standard requires devices to be backwards-compatible with slower transfer modes, for example, so that new hard disks...
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