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UltraBlock USB


  • Mass Storage Devices
    Can the UltraBlock USB Bridge work with compound USB devices? A compound USB device is a device which incorporates multiple functions in a single device. The UltraBlock USB may be able to work with such devices, but this is not guaranteed. Whether or not this works will depend on the order in...
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  • Memory Card Readers
    Does the UltraBlock USB work with USB memory card readers? The UltraBlock USB works with some USB memory card readers. Whether or not the UltraBlock USB works with a specific USB memory card reader depends on the internal design of the memory card reader.For example, USB memory card readers often...
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  • Device Not Detecting Drives
    My UltraBay, UltraBlock and/or FireFly is not detecting the attached drive. What can I do? Apply the latest firmware update.Check that your drive is truly not being detected by checking in Disk Manager. In some cases, Windows will not assign a logical drive letter to your hard drive. If this is...
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  • Supported Devices
    What kinds of USB devices does the UltraBlock USB support? The UltraBlock USB is currently designed to work with USB Mass Storage Class devices. This includes most USB "thumb drives", many USB digital cameras, Apple iPods with USB interfaces, hard disks in external USB enclosures, etc.From a...
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  • USB Device Not Detected
    The UltraBlock USB is not seeing my USB device. Under certain circumstances the UltraBlock USB will fail to recognize a USB device which is attached to the device before turning it ON. As a workaround, try turning ON the UltraBlock USB first, then attaching the problematic USB device.
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  • USB Hard Drive Not Detected
    The UltraBlock USB is not seeing my USB hard drive.Some external USB drives draw more power than the UltraBlock can provide. In this case a powered USB hub would provide adequate power.
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