BIOS Setup for the P9X79 WS Motherboard

The instructions for the reset are on page 2-21 of the P9X79 WS Motherboard Manual. I always pull the clock battery as well.

Make sure you cover the power supply with a sheet of paper so that any dropped parts don't get inside it.

Here are the BIOS setup instructions you'll need for the P9X79 WS motherboard following a CMOS reset.

  1. Hit Delete to enter the BIOS setup.
  2. Click the Exit/Advanced Mode button in the upper right corner and select Advanced Mode.
  3. Hit F5 to load Optimized Defaults.
  4. Go to the Main Menu and Set Time and Date.
  5. In the Advanced Menu/SATA Configuration set SATA Mode to "AHCI Mode" and Enable Hot Plug on the SATA 3G_4, 3G_5 and 3G_6 channels.
  6. In the Advanced Menu/Onboard Devices Configuration disable the Marvell Storage OPROM.
  7. Go to the Boot Menu/Boot Option Priorities set the boot order to:
    Boot Option #1 - CD/DVD
    Boot Option #2 - OS Drive
  8. If the OS drive is not available in Boot Option #2, go into the Boot Menu/Hard Drive BBS Priorities and change Boot Option #1 to be your OS drive. You should now be able to select your OS hard drive as Boot Option #2 in step 7.
  9. Save and exit.