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UltraBlock Configuration Switches

Why are there switches on UltraBlocks?

The switches provide two main functions:

1) Allow UltraBlocks to be field-switched between read-only and read-write operation. 

2) Allow end users to set the bridge's configuration for optimal use with their equipment.

Versatile Operation

In Write Protect mode, the UltraBlock will prevent ANY and ALL writes from reaching the attached device. It is compatible with all Windows 98se, Windows ME, Windows 2K/XP, and any O/S that supports IEEE 1394 and has a compliant card and drivers.

In Read/Write mode (non-Write Protected), it can be used to attach a drive to be used for receiving images on your FireWire chain.

The UltraBlock is shipped by default in a Read-Only (write blocking) configuration. However, they can be configured to enable Read-Write operation as well*. To prevent unwanted alteration it necessary for the customer to make a modification to the housing to enable the Read-Write operation.

OFF = Read Only (write blocking enabled)
ON = Read/Write

OFF = Unit reports errors if writes are attempted
ON = Unit suppresses errors if writes are attempted

OFF = Unit reports Write-Protect (WP) status in code page
ON = Unit supresses Write-Protect (WP) status in code page


* The UltraBlock USB and UltraBlock Firewire cannot be switched to Read/Write mode. They were designed to be permanently Write Blocked.

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