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  • Cooling Requirements for Computer Systems
    How to Determine BTU Per HourTo determine BTUs per hour for air conditioning requirements, multiply the total watts of the power supply by 3.413.Examples:A FRED system's 1100W power supply would generate 3754 BTU/Hour. A FRED-C Data Center utilizes a UPS with a maximum output of 2700W. This results...
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  • Power Requirements for Computer Systems
    How to Determine Power RequirementsTo determine approximate maximum FRED system's power consumption requirements use the formula: Watts / Volts = Amps Example: 1100 watts / 120 volts = 9.17 amps Most UPS manufacturers provide interactive calculators you can use to estimate the volts-amperes and...
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  • Power and Cooling Requirements for a FREDC and FREDM
    PowerDEDICATED 120V/30 Amp electrical circuit terminated in a NEMA-L5 socket.CoolingThe 3000 VA UPS has a maximum output of 2700W which results in a maximum heat output of 9215 BTU/Hour.
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  • Connecting a SATA LIF Hard Drive to our SATA LIF Adapter
    This is how our SATA LIF Adapter connects to a SATA LIF hard drive. Connecting the drive to the cable can be difficult due to the design of the drive's interface. Below are connection examples (click to zoom). This is the correct way to connect the SATA LIF cable to the hard drive. Notice there is...
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  • Unknown Devices in Device Manager
    If you upgrade your older FRED operating system to a newer OS (such as Windows 7) you may have discovered that there are some Unknown Devices in Device Manager. This is due to the fact that Windows 7 was released after these motherboards were released, and the manufacturer may not have created...
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  • How to Remove the Side Panel From a FRED or FRED DX
    Below are the instructions for accessing the inside of your FRED or FRED DX case. Removal of the the side panel and inspection may be required if your system was roughly handled during shipping and cabling has become disconnected. This may be evident by absent hard drives or no video during initial...
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