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UltraBlock General Questions


  • Firewire vs USB
    Which is faster, FireWire/1394 or USB2.0? FireWire (IEEE 1394) is generally faster than USB 2.0 when using Tableau forensic bridges. FireWire400 (1394A) can be 30% to 50% faster than USB 2.0 on a given system and FireWire800 (1394B) provides for an additional increase in transfer rates.
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  • HPA and DCO Handling
    How do UltraBlocks handle HPA and DCO? Upon detecting an IDE or SATA hard disk, Tableau bridges with HPA/DCO support (see above) will attempt to detect if the hard disk supports HPA or DCO and if HPA or DCO is being used to protect a region at the end of the hard disk.If HPA is being used to...
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  • HPA/DCO Mode
    Will the UltraBlock's HPA/DCO support alter the hard disk permanently? The commands needed to override HPA can be used in a "volatile" mode, so the changes are temporary and the hard disk will be returned to its original state after it is power-cycled.The commands needed to override DCO are...
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  • UltraBlock Configuration Switches
    Why are there switches on UltraBlocks? The switches provide two main functions: 1) Allow UltraBlocks to be field-switched between read-only and read-write operation. 2) Allow end users to set the bridge's configuration for optimal use with their equipment. Versatile Operation In Write...
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  • UltraBlock Switches
    Can't you ship forensic bridges that work in all situations without configuration switches? Each Microsoft OS prior to Windows XP has its own peculiar problems in working with forensic bridges. Designing a bridge to the "lowest common denominator" of the Windows OS's itself leads to some...
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  • UltraBlock Write Block LED
    Why do UltraBlocks have an LED marked "Write Block"? UltraBlocks can be switched between read-only and read-write operation at the user's discretion. The "Write Block" LED provides the user with a positive indication that the bridge is configured for read-only (write-blocking) operation when the...
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  • Host Protected Areas and Device Configuration Overlay (HPA and DCO)
    Do UltraBlocks support HPA/DCO? Yes, with the latest firmware UltraBlock IDE and SATA bridges can detect and override both HPA (Host Protected Area) and DCO (Device Configuration Overlay) regions on a hard disk.HPA and DCO refer to specific mechanisms that can be used in IDE and SATA hard disks to...
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  • IDE Drive Not Detected With the UltraBlock IDE/SATA
    The IDE cable provided with the UltraBlock device must be oriented with the BLUE end of the cable plugged into the UltraBlock and the BLACK end plugged into the hard drive.Check the pins on the UltraBlock IDE interface. The 10th pin from the left on the top row should be the only missing pin. We...
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  • Forensic Bridge Dip Switch Settings
    ‚ÄčThis printable guide provides information on the four DIP switches for each of the Tableau Forensic Bridges.
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